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Our History Revealed

I’d like to take a moment to address all the homeschooling parents who are reading this and look like me (you know what I mean). Are you looking  to teach (and learn) a history that’s rich with the stories of your own people? Have you been piece-mealing it together just waiting for “that homeschool” mom to relieve you of the labor and time it all takes? Well, maybe, just maybe, I’m your girl and Our History Revealed is for you and your family.

What is Our History Revealed?

Our History Revealed is an American History compendium with an African-American presence for Brown students ages 6-13. While it is a teaching tool for American History, it is also a guide for African-American History. This is not an African-American History curriculum. It is an American History compendium that includes the lives, events, and stories of African-Americans inside of the American History narrative.

Our History Revealed: Africans in Early America is available in the Morah Sheli Market. Includes one curriculum. Order today!

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Why Was Our History Revealed Written?

Our History Revealed was written to tell some of the omitted, forgotten, and forbidden histories and legacies of African-Americans within the American History story.


It is written to educate the Brown student while keeping the integrity of Christ and celebrating who we are as a people.


As I began to search the homeschool (as well as public and private) markets for history materials I could use to teach my sons, I was disappointed. Much of what is available is not written for people of color, by people of color, with people of color in mind. Much of what is available has no mention of the men and women who look like (or looked like) my two students.


Sadly, the material and books that do include people of color only recognize us a slaves (or pro-Civil rights participants) where the same 2-4 historical figures are almost always taught.


Well, we are more than slaves and activists.


We are more than the four people we’re commonly reduced down to in traditional American history books.


We have a history and a legacy that is worthy of retelling and learning.

Our History Revealed Curriculum

The first program of Our History Revealed is titled Our History Revealed: Africans in Early America. Please visit the “Early America” page to learn about the compendium and its features.