Morah Sheli Village | Marcus Garvey
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Worthy Words by Marcus Garvey (Color, Copy, Analyze)!



I am popping in quickly today to share a Village freebie with you! Please use in your homeschools / schools to teach your children / students about Marcus A. Garvey and his achievements for our people!

I personally feel like learning (and later memorizing) quotes and passages proves fruitful and beneficial to student learning. Adding culture, I believe African-American children should learning the words of other African Americans, especially. Later, students can apply copywork skills (and all that it comes with) in learning about key Black leaders and their platforms. Finally, students are able to analyze quotes (or passages) for deeper meaning and self-reflection.

Here’s what’s in your Worthy Words by Marcus Garvey:

{{Download freely using the link above!}}

Quote Color Page: For children who are too young to write and think critically, use the coloring page to learn more about Garvey. Parents can read the quote to their children and discuss what the it means on the child’s level.

Quote Copywork Page: For children who are ready to write, have them copy the quote exactly as they see it, and correct any mistakes (if any) after they have copied. Then, discuss what the quote means on the child’s level. (This page is available in both primary handwriting lines and regular writing lines to suit various writers).

Quote Analysis Page: For children who are already writing well and have the ability to think critically, have them analyze the quote. Students should consider all the parts of the quote (particularly any figurative language) and explain why Garvey used them. For self-reflection, you can always have the student explain what does the quote to mean to him or her.


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