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Sweet Africa

And….we’re off to study and explore the land of Africa! We’ll be taking 36 trips to Africa visiting all 54 countries and learning about African rivers, mountains, and islands. I’ve already learned so much just in planning and I cannot wait to discover more!

Teaching Africa Before America

This post does not really discuss Africa at all, but more so my personal views on why I think it is important to teach children, especially African-American children, about Africa before teaching the beginnings or early days of America, which often includes American Slavery.

Studying Africa Geographically

This post includes an geographical approach to studying Africa. The history is entirely too long and deep to go through in just 14 short weeks, but it’s very doable to cover the continent country by country learning key facts, including historical ones, as we move along. I have no issues with the history of Africa being studied. I’m only choosing a lighter and quicker way to introduce this land my budding six year old before we move into American History. This post also includes the books, resources, and materials needed.

Africa’s Timeline

This post lists the history of Africa chronologically. I did not create this timeline. I simply borrowed it from a member in a Facebook Group. I am not sure who made it, as the original poster did not. As soon as someone claims credit, I can and will give it to them.

Introducing Africa

This post includes my introductory lesson to Africa for my sons. Since, we are beginning March 2, I plan to go over this the Thursday or Friday before. It’s very light and simple and is just a way to warm him up before we dive in. There is also a GIVEAWAY for a piece of African Wall Art for Kids included. The giveaway will be held on my Facebook Page and will end with the first correct answer. (Update: This giveaway is over as of February 22, 2015.)

Visits to Africa

Below is the order of each visit we took as we studied our way around the whole continent. In order to learn so many countries in a week’s time, it was crucial that we studied the lands they were in the same region together. Feel free to groups your visit however you like!

Visits to Africa: Egypt, Eritrea, and Sudan
Visits to Africa: Libya and Tunisia
Visits to Africa: Algeria, Morocco, and Western Sahara
Visits to Africa: Gambia, Mauritania, and Senegal
Visits to Africa: Guiena-Bissau  and Mali
Visits to Africa: Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
Visits to Africa: Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, and Ghana
Visits to Africa: Ethiopia, Djbouti, and Somalia
Visits to Africa: South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya
Visits to Africa: Tanzania and Mozambique
Visits to Africa: South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho
Visits to Africa: Madagascar