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Welcome to Morah Sheli Village, an education share that affirms cultural awareness and identity with a relevant blog, a day school, and a plethora of academic services for educators and homeschoolers. The Village offers courses, curricula, and consultations as well as access to a host of a printables and resources for children and students.

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Our consults offer families new ideas on how to introduce, present, reinforce, or review key concepts and strategies.  We also provide assistance with scheduling, teaching lessons, and curriculum and/or course planning. << Learn More

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E-learning Courses

Explore the Village’s current and upcoming online courses for students and adults. << Learn More


Get access to printables and other educational materials only available to members.

Day School

The Village’s Day School serves as a homeschool “study hall” for busy, working homeschooling families.

Learning Plans

Comprehensive academic maps and topical plans customized to meet to the unique needs of students and their families. We help parents steer and navigate the vehicle of their student’s education.


Personalized and structured lessons for students who need more academic support or desire to maintain academic rigor. Lessons are designed to improve performance and empower confidence.

Graduation Counseling

Available to high school and college students, we develop “graduation maps” to help guide students and their parents through which courses to take and when to graduate on time and successfully.

We school year round here and my youngest son’s current curriculum is coming to a close. His next history program will address United States History from Colonialism to the Underground Railroad. Unfortunately, this means slavery. While I’m careful to tread lightly, teaching what a typical......

African-American Options in Science   Soil Benders by Sankofa Science I have purchased two mini units from Sankofa, but I am sharing about Soil Benders today! My initial draw to this unit was obviously that is was African-centered; but also that the lessons used agriculture to explain scientific ideas. Of......

UPDATE (February 2018): You can use this lesson to teach about colonization as it relates to the hit film Black Panther! Understanding what colonization is helps students to grasp some of film’s messages.   We’ve been studying the Great War (later known as World War I)......

  Shalom! I am popping in quickly today to share a Village freebie with you! Please use in your homeschools / schools to teach your children / students about Marcus A. Garvey and his achievements for our people! I personally feel like learning (and later memorizing)......

I’ve already shared my reasons for teaching Africa before America, so be sure to check that out if you interested. For those who purchased or who are interested in the Africa for Kids!  you may find this information helpful for your timeline entries. There’s a......


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