A “Language Together” {Spanish} Review


Hey! Today I am sharing a foreign language resource for all my homeschoolers or language teachers out there. Language Together offers little books for emerging readers or family read-alouds! They currently offer three languages: Spanish English Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) For my review, I chose Spanish! If you are currently teaching Spanish or desire to, […]

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Shavet Spotlight Sept 16: The Negro Leagues & Literacy Day


Shalom! Welcome to Week 4. Right at the 1-month mark, I took time this week to formally assess each student and compare their results to their initial benchmarks. It wasn’t the most “fun” time, but they worked very well and hard and  after it was all said and done, we could see visible progress! Torah […]

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Shavet Spotlight Sept 9: Money, Power, Respect


Shalom Everyone! We’re off to week 3 at Shavet, and like fine wine, we’re getting better with time. I’ve added a few activities that you’ll notice if you’ve been following our learning. If there are resources or books you want to know more about. Please let me know! Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been […]

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Shavet Spotlight Sept 2: The Nations


Shalom All! As you know, I am chronicling our school journey here at Shavet in a weekly format entitled Shavey Spotlight. It’s Week 2 today! Here’s what we’ve been up to! Torah Time After Berisheet, comes the parsha Noach meaning “Noah.” The passage follows the narrative from Genesis 6:9 – 11: 32 where we learned […]

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Shavet Spotlight Aug 26: Introduction


Shalom! We began school August 22 and it was a blast! The children are having a great time learning each other and becoming acclimated, as there are some differences between Hebrew School and traditional school. Our school is grouped in two main levels: the Scouts (grades 1-3) and Scholars (grades 4-6) for this school year. […]

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Worthy Words Copywork {Freebie}

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Greetings! I have a quick freebie to share with you today that will assist you in adding daily or weekly copywork with an African-American or African presence. Each week, my students copy a meaningful quote by an African-American and/or an African proverb that I can connect to some other aspect of their weekly learning. When […]

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Worthy Words by Marcus A. Garvey (Color, Copy, Analyze)!

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Hey, y’all! I’ll be quick today and share a cultural {not} back to school freebie with you! Please use in your homeschools / schools to teach your children / students about Marcus A. Garvey and his achievements for our people! As many of you know, much of home education (and even mainstream education) is predominantly […]

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Rice & Rocks: A Jamaican-American Story

Rice & Rocks by Sandra L Richards

I am always on the look-out for culturally sound books and resources to use in my homeschool (and to share with you)! When I learned about Richard’s debut book, Rice & Rocks, I was all over it. I really enjoyed this story, and I think you will too. Ultimately, Rice & Rocks is about family, […]

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Historically Black Colleges & Universities Learning Activity


I know that my African-American readers know all too well about how History is taught in standard American Education, so I will digress from that soapbox. But, I will say that I am firm believer that students should be educated at large (and with a special emphasis in History) in their own culture by their […]

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5th Grade Curriculum Choices 2016-2017

African American school boy holding a blank board, isolated on white background - Black people

Yesterday I shared our curriculum choices for 2nd grade, and today I am back to share my selections for 5th grade. Deciding his curriculum has been a ball of emotions as so much transition comes with this year. I cannot believe we are entering our 5th year of homeschooling, and I certainly cannot believe that […]

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Join me on the Journey!

Restoring cultural identity to Brown families through Torah and a host of books and resources!

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